Alternative to using Hebrew Names

Using my knowledge of the elements assigned to the directions, I began choosing names of deities to replace the Hebrew names.  I tried many patterns:  gods and goddesses;  just goddesses;  just gods;  Celtic;  Greek; Catholic saints and Divine.  You might also use totem animal names, or even ancestors, in each direction in place of the Hebrew.  It is worthwhile to study the elements for each direction (Air in East, Fire in South, Water in West, Earth in North) and assign accordingly.

As a romantic heterosexual female, much of the remembered energy in my life is around love affairs.  To make the whole ritual more energetically alive for me, I assigned a former love to each element, to each direction.  The result was a platonic muse in the East for Air;  a committed husband at South for Fire;  my father and all our issues at West for Water;  the most sexy lover at North for Earth.

To make it more “macro”, I then reassigned gods who fit the archetype of that particular love in each direction.  While I chanted the name of Dionysus in the North, for example, I had not only his wild, dancing sensuality in mind, but also that of my 2nd husband.  It connected me energetically to the Divine energy, by whatever name.

I began with the Celtic pantheon, but ended with the Greek:  Hermes in the East;  Apollo (the healing energy) in the South;  Zeus in the West; Dionysus in the North.  If you decide to try this, let me know your correspondences.


More on the Pentagrams and the Vibration of Names

At each cardinal direction, one draws the pentagram, and in my tradition, one chants the elemental vowels and the spiritual musical notes.  (See yesterday’s blog.)  Then one chants the God Name for that direction.  I use the Hebrew names from Golden Dawn tradition.  (More on different choices later, meanwhile…)

Israel Regardie gives these instructions in his Middle Pillar Book, which for me took a bit of practice while doing it on one breath!  He says to mentally image the name vibrating in our bodies: first at the heart, second down our feet into the earth, third back at the heart making ready to project, then 4th chant out loud while vibrating the name and using the Sign of Projection.

These 4 steps have a powerful energy which I sense as:

Vibration one, Divine ignites the name in my heart

Vibration two, as the macrocosm (whole universe) I vibrate the positive energy of the name into the world at my feet

Vibration three, I ready the name to send out into the universe, picturing its influence

Vibration four (the out loud one), I send the Divine energy to the ends of the Universe.

In so doing, “As above, so below” is recognized.  The work we do privately impacts the whole.  It is kind of like prayer with dance moves.

If you don’t like using the Hebrew names….the next blog is for you.


The Pentagrams in the Lesser Banishing Ritual

Warning….the following post without graphics and full of detail, may be too monotonous….I can barely read it myself…..

Golden Dawn has us use the banishing earth pentagram in each of the 4 directions, so that is our starting point.  Much has been made of the importance of completing the approximately 3-foot star.  In other words, don’t be sloppy as you draw the pentagram in the air and imagine it in light.  Electric blue light is my preference.

I assign vowel sounds to each of the points of the star, and if we start at the bottom right (Earth), our first line connects to the topmost point representing Spirit.  Find yourself, or draw, a diagram and label the elements as below.  I will give them in the order in which you will draw the banishing pentagram.  Start at lower left point, and then draw to

Top point: Spirit

Right lower side: Fire

Upper Left side: Air

Upper Right side: Water

Return to lower Left: Earth

As I approach each element’s point, I chant a vowel for that element.  Mine is an  adaptation of Christopher Penczak’s, but many other authors have assigned vowels here.

Additionally, as a musician, I sing the vowels on tones chosen for their meanings. Using solfeggio (sol-fa names), I sing the vowels on the following tones:

Spirit   on ooo, tone do.

Fire on eye, tone re

Air on eee, tone mi

Water on oh, tone fa

Earth on ah, tone sol.

Some might want to end with earth on do, because that is the “home” note in a Western musical scale.  I prefer to experience Spirit as my home, which is why I start do there.  Whenever I have studied chakras or the spheres on the tree of life, I like to start at the top and progress down to the more earthy spheres.  Most teachers start at the bottom and this is fine, too.  But not my tradition.

Please leave a comment if this makes sense to you.  I simply want to share what I find delightful in playing with ceremonial magic.

Qabalah Cross morphing into Middle Pillar

If you look at yesterday’s post, I added deity names to the vertical bar of the cross, so that there are 5 sites from head to foot.  This sets out a form much like the 5 Qabalah spheres for the Middle Pillar.  I would encourage you to place your own deities, totems, ancestors, or higher powers in these 5 locations, both for the Middle Pillar and for the Q cross.  My next posting will take the second step in the LBRP, the drawing of the pentagrams.

More on the Qabalah Cross

Back after a long absence. I still have more to think about the traditional Golden Dawn ritual. I have used the abbreviation K cross for Kabbalah Cross when speaking of the traditional words used….Ateh-Malkuth-Ve Geburah-Ve Gedulah-Leh Olam-Amen. I have also taken to using the Q cross for Qabalah Cross as abbreviation for my personalized adaptation.

In my version, what began as the insertion of the name of my Holy Guardian Angel, a la Aleister Crowley, became the addition of 3 names which encompassed my triple heart. From there, it will be seen, that the up and down line of my Cross resembles a Middle Pillar exercise instead. Here is the version I currently use:

Queen of the Universe (instead of Ateh)
Boze (Polish for God)

then for the horizontal bar, I chant Draconis for the Severe Pillar and Angelis for the Mercy Pillar, finishing at Center with the word meaning All….Om.

Forgive me if I posted this before. I am warming to my topic and hope someone sees this.

Faery Images

Wicca receives much of its tradition from the Celtic culture. the four elements corresponding to the four directions are common parts of quarter calls when casting a circle. The Celts also spoke of 4 cities which correspond to these 4 elements and their associated tools. In the East is Air. The tool is the spear. The city’s name is Gorias. This was my first peek at it, which I now share with you: City Gorias (Air) 1 E